2016: Weeping May Endure for a Night, But Joy Comes in the Morning

We wept the hardest. After losing our father. It is every girl's dream to walk down the aisle hand clutched to their father. I lost mine just five months before the wedding. I was convinced I would break down on the 29th of September when it would not be him handing me over to my husband.

Surprisingly though, the 29th became our most joyous day of 2016. Not a painful tear was shed. God planted comfort and pure happiness in our hearts. I know dad would have been happy to see me at my happiest.

The joyous morning sun does definitely come to dry away the nightly tears.



If music be the food of love, play on...
My heart is like a grand organ ready for God to play a piece of music on it As I stand here at this very moment, at this spot about to walk down the aisle I can only affirm one last time "The keys of my heart are ready LORD, please play a tune for him" As God begins to play our song in my heart I take the first step toward you
There is music playing in the background but our ears are deafened to it by the song playing in both my heart and yours A song with a melody to the essence of... "Deep in His mind, there is a place for me..." A melody that I imagine to have echoed on the day that God made you and then me -your rib made human! Yes He fashioned you in your mother's womb Then one by one putting my organs together - He created me for you to the background of angelic choir singing a song with that cord that marks the celestial harmonies of heaven
Oh yes! He definitely had me in mind when He made you As I walk down the aisle,…


VERSE 1Now a few notes in a song are enough to grant me happiness for the rest of my life I promise you, a single word in a poem is enough to secure me joy for each and every single day going forth I tell you, the tiny song of the early bird sets my feet to dance..... I'd built walls around my heart for fear of something I didn't know
Like white blood cells these walls locked out this phenomenon from entering my system
But then you came and now my heart is no longer oblivious to the notes in a song, the word in a poem, the song of the morning bird: the simplest things that grant me unspeakable joy
Because you taught me to see and hear these things Droplets of the love poured out to me from your heart broke down the walls And I began to experience love With you I began to live this phenomenon


A quick glance at my rear-view mirror before taking the next big turn

Wow! So I'm sitting here in this fancy restaurant treating myself to a nice lunch (I have not had a decent meal since last Sabbath!) in between my wedding preparation tasks. My hair has just been laid to the gawds at this fancy hair salon hunty! Trial run for my  hairstyle for the wedding.  Still recovering from a lovely bridal shower a few days ago, you just cannot miss the glow on my face! I feel good! I'm telling you this is nice! Super nice!

"Really, How Are You Coping?"

This is one question that, no matter how strong I have been trying to be, makes me crumble and actually admit I am going through a lot. It just has a way of bringing me face-to-face with the fact that I have been strong, but I would love to curl into fetal position and burst into tears for a good 15 minutes. I was asked this question recently and it sent me doing some introspection and here I am to do some mind-flush. I know after this I will be strong again to go on, the same effect that a good 15 minutes of tears has on me.

First Father's Day I Celebrated

June 19, 2016
For the first time I celebrated Father's Day - in honour of my father. In the past years I usually ignored the day and gritted my teeth at every "Happy Father's Day" post on social media, or sided with the controversial group of people that turn this day into a day for single mothers who play the role of father, having single-handedly raised their kids with no help from a man -- blah, blah, blah. Or on the other hand it would be the occasional tribute to my big brother and other male figures in my life, such as my first employer, Mr. B, who have played the role of father in my life. However, this year it was all about my dad.